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Feeling overwhelmed by constant staff turnover, a lack of focused results, and priorities that seem impossible to manage? 

Are your people managers currently trying to survive in an ever-demanding environment, often leading to stress and inefficient outcomes?

This not only disrupts the harmony of your team but poses a direct threat to your company's bottom line. Staff turnover is expensive, and teams scattered in their goals and directions cost you in lost productivity.

As the CEO or Director of a medium-sized business, these challenges could be stifling your growth and draining your resources.

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Fiona Cullen, the founder of Performastery Facilitation & Coaching. I've dedicated my career to transforming these leadership pain points into opportunities for growth, engagement, and enhanced productivity.

Optimise your team's productivity and focus through transformative leadership development

I offer an effective and tailored solution - equipping your managers with baseline leadership skills that cultivate predictable productivity and vibrant teamwork. With a focus on leadership, I aim to inspire your managers to step up, take responsibility, and create an environment where your teams can excel.

Improved Productivity

Effective Priority Management 

Results-driven Focus

With a diverse background working in industries including IT, Sport, Tertiary Education, Legal, Retail, and Professional Services, I bring a broad range of highly relatable experiences to the table. My journey has also been shaped by my work in family-owned businesses and organisations with female leadership quotas like Mining and Construction.

Forest Road

What if I could equip your managers with leadership skills that cultivate predictable productivity and vibrant teamwork?




My transformative leadership program is designed to equip people managers to effectively lead and manage. The pillars of the program are performance, productivity, adaptability, and accountability. 



When you combine learning with 1-on-1 coaching, information retention and behaviour change increase by more than 50% which is why I offer coaching services alongside program to drive and deliver tangible results you can measure. 


Team Building

If you are looking for a Team Building Facilitator with a difference, Fiona combines her elite sporting background with her leadership facilitation skills to deliver a jam packed, high energy session that will have people raving for weeks after!

Fiona’s training transformed our management approach. By day two we were all so inspired, motivated and on a high, it was like 26 people were in a canoe and all paddling in the same direction

Corey - Plumber

Let's talk

Are you ready to tackle your leadership challenges head-on?

Make the decisive step to transform your leadership landscape. Book your consultation call now and let's explore the possibilities together.

Book a free consult

Let’s start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation via Zoom to identify your unique needs and potential solutions.

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